Ο Ted Fleming, απόφοιτος του Τμήματος εκπαίδευσης του Πανεπιστημίου Columbia της Νέας Υόρκης, υπήρξε επικεφαλής του τμήματος Εκπαίδευσης Ενηλίκων στο Εθνικό Πανεπιστήμιο της Ιρλανδίας και είναι μέλος του Διοικητικού Συμβουλίου της  Εταιρείας  για τη πρόσβαση στη Τριτοβάθμια Εκπαίδευση, των ατόμων με αναπηρία. Το 2014 τιμήθηκε με το βραβείο Jack Mezirow  για τη «συμβολή στην κατανόηση της εκπαίδευσης ενηλίκων στη θεωρία, την έρευνα και την πράξη». Έχει συγγράψει μεγάλο αριθμό δημοσιεύσεων και βιβλίων διεθνούς απήχησης που σχετίζονται με τη δια βίου μάθηση και την εκπαίδευση ενηλίκων.

pagratis Konstantinos Pagratis is an Assistant Programme Specialist at UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning Adult Learning Education Programme (ALE) in Hamburg, Germany. He holds a MA in Lifelong Learning Education Policy Management from Aarhus University (Denmark) and a BA in German Language and Literature with focus on Education and Pedagogy from Aristoteles University, (Greece). After five years of professional teaching experience in the Greek educational sector, and having served as an officer in the Hellenic Armed Forces, he has been involved in several projects in the area of education, organizational training evaluation and workplace learning in Denmark and Germany. Prior joining UNESCO, Konstantinos has worked for Asia-Europe Lifelong Learning Hub in Copenhagen and Training Academies of the private business sector. Currently he assists in the promotion and development of ICT-based adult education interventions as a way to support UNESCO Member States, supports (operational) the Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE III), monitoring/follow up on CONFINTEA VI (Conférence Internationale sur l’éducation des adultes), capacity building and networking. His research focuses on Adult Learning Education in connection to competence development, health and well-being.

kokkosAlexis Kokkos He was born in Athens. He studied Law and Sociology of Education at the Universities of Athens and Paris VIII. He actively participated in the establishment of the institution of Popular Education in Greece (consultant at the General Secretariat of Popular Education, 1982-1987), of the Institute of Continuing Education (Chairman, 1995-1997) and of the Hellenic Open University (member of the founding scientific committee, 1997-2001). Today he is Academic Responsible and Professor of the post-graduate program «Adult Education» at this university. He was scientific responsible of the National Program of Training the Trainers of Continuing Education (10,000 trainers were educated from 2003 to 2009). He was also member of the Coordinating Committee of the Teachers’ Training national program (2009-2011). He was scientific director of the Program ‘Education through Art’, which was addressed to 1.000 educators under the auspices of the Institute of Industrial and Corporate Training (IVEPE) and the Cultural Organization NEON (2013-2015). He conducted the research study titled ‘Business Skills’ on behalf of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (2014). As Trainer of Trainers and Training Consultant, he has developed cooperations with organizations, such as TITAN SA, Alpha Bank, National Bank of Greece, Union of Hellenic Banks, Kotsovolos SA, OTE Academy, Vassilopoulos SA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen & Merchants (GSEVEE) etc. He is Chairperson of the Hellenic Adult Education Association. He has written 8 books on Adult Education in Greek. His papers in English have been published in the journals Journal of Transformative Education, Convergence, Agora, LifeLong Learning in Europe, Adult Education, International Journal of Education and Ageing, Andragogical Studies, International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education, as well as in collective books of Jossey-Bass and Sense (edited respectively by E. Taylor-P. Cranton and P. Mayo) and Nova Science Publishers. He is scientific responsible of the publishing series Adult Education of the publishing house Metaichmio. His research interests focus on the use of art in Education as well as on the development of critical reflection in the framework of emancipatory education. He is member of the International Adult and Continuing Hall of Fame, distinction being given to experts who have significant contributions in the field of Adult Education at national and international level.

200ciaran-lynch-desk-shot.jpgCiarán Lynch, Adult Literacy Organiser, Cork Education & Training Board, Rep of Ireland.
Ciarán is a member of the CETB’s Further Education & Training management team with specific responsibilities to analyse and strategically develop the adult literacy service along with ensuring that basic education provision is integrated within the wider FET sector.
Over his career he has demonstrated a proven commitment to Community Development especially in regard to Adult & Community Education. He is a founder member and first chairperson of the Cork Life Long Learning Festival (Ireland’s biggest LLLF) and member of the Cork Learning City Steering Group which has successfully bid to host the UNESCO International Conference on Learning Cities in 2017 (The first time this prestigious conference will be held in Europe).
He was an early school leaver and returned to education as a mature student from which he graduated in Humanities (Training & Development Education Management) at the Waterford Institute of Technology and Social Studies at University College Cork.
Ciarán is a former member of the Irish Parliament (Dáil Éireann) and Cork City Council. Over this time has chaired a number of Local Government and Parliamentary Committees including the Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure & Reform and the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis.

judith jamesJudith James, Swansea University.
Judith has worked in Swansea University for 26 years and is Head of Strategic Regional Collaboration and Associate Head of the School of Education. She has extensive experience in enhancing student experience, entrepreneurship and employability. Her previous role as the Deputy Head of Department of Adult Continuing Education involved widening participation in higher education.
Judith was a member of the UNESCO International Expert Group on Developing Learning Cities and contributed to the development of the UNESCO Global Platform for Learning Cities (GPLC). She presented ‘Swansea Learning City’ at the First International Conference on Learning Cities in Beijing October 2013) and at the Second International Conference on Learning Cities in Mexico City (September 2015). Judith has been influential in bringing the Learning City initiative to Swansea and was responsible for managing the collation of the Key Features in Swansea and writing the Swansea Case Study, in UNESCO’s “Unlocking the Potential of Urban Communities” publication (2015:146-159).